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la Habana in Decay

November 15, 2011

Anyone visiting la Habana will notice, lament or marvel at the state of some of the buildings in the city. Some have been wonderfully restored whilst others are nearing a state of ruin or have already arrived. I took a few pictures of various buildings at or on their way to ruin. Here is a sample:

The first an empty lot near Barrio Chino that at some point may have been something important.

Second and third a building on Paseo de Marti, a main street in Centro Habana. The Building is surrounded by scaffold, and maybe due to rebuild, however the ivy growing up the scaffold suggests it has been some time.

The fourth a building in Vedado. All I will say is yes, someone does live there.

The fifth is/was a Hospital on the way to the Astro bus station. Maybe feted for rebuild, maybe not.

The sixth and seventh, too late. A building on a street corner in Vedado completely gone.

The eigth is what looks like a swimming pool attached to a stadium, behind La Habana University. My guess is not in use.

The ninth and tenth, (the foundations of) a building in the suburb of Kohly.

Eleven and twelve is a stadium on the Malecon in Vedado. The place look derelict when I visited 4 years ago. It still looks derelict. There is an equally derelict looking indoor stadium behind it. There are old decaying soccer and American football posts on the playing field. A person was sleeping in the grandstand when I was taking the photos.


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