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How Cubans get their food

November 16, 2011

Having reported my difficulty in finding really good food every day it might be fair enough to show how Cubans obtain food. This is a selection of photos I took showing various places food can be obtained in local currency (CUP).

The first is a panaderia (bread shop) somewhere in Vedado. The prices are cheap.

Next up are 4 photos of a butchers stall in Centro Habana. The black things on the roll of luncheon meat are flies.

The next 5 photos are fruit and vege markets or stalls around la Habana. The cost of a banana (for me) ranged between 1 cup (4 cents cuc) and 3 cup (12 cents cuc).

Next up are 2 photos of a typical sandwich and pizza joint next to a market. The ham sandwiches in the cabinet cost 5 cup (20 cents cuc).

Next 2 photos are of the famous Coppelia in Vedado, the place where everyone gets an ice cream. A ‘tres gracias’ – 3 scoop sundae – cost me 3 cup (12 cents cuc). A ‘super twins’ – 4 scoop sundae – cost me 4 cup (16 cents cuc). I easily made my way through 7 scoops (2 sundaes) of ice cream in one sitting. People at tables round me were putting away 3 or 4 sundaes with no qualms. A note about the Coppelia. You may be asked to go to the CUC paying entrance. I just told the guard I was paying in CUP (fraction of the price) and went in with everyone else. I doubt the CUC ice cream tasted sufficiently different.

The last 4 photos are of prices for things in a CUC store. A can of Fanta was 1 cuc, large bottle of Havana Club 3 years old rum $5.55 cuc, large bottle of (very nice rum) Havana Club 7 years $11.90. That bottle is what some people get paid (albeit inadequate wages) for 1 months work.


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