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6 Horrible European Cars (Lada, Moskvitch etc)- What, No Morris Marina?

December 8, 2012

Some joker has come up with his list of 6 horrible European cars. Amongst the names are Lada and Moskvitch. I had several trips in both types of car whilst in Cuba. Luxury motoring? No. Sufficient to get you from one point to the next? Yes.

The title of the article is a little misleading. The writer limits himself to Soviet era Eastern Europe cars. That minimises the spread of ‘horrible cars’. For example, had he encompassed all of Europe he would no doubt have placed the Morris Marina at or near the top of the list. The Marina looks like it utilised excess parts from a Moskvitch. The car suffered over steer, under steer, a rubbish gear box and steering that was looser than the Governments oversight of the GCSB.

Performance wise the Marina came in the same varieties as Cuban washing powder. Two varities, the story goes, available and not available. Likewise, the Marina was either going or not going. My experience was that, most often, not going. At least Cuban washing powder does appear from time to time in shops. It was a rare day my Marina would work. Maybe Cuba scraped its fleet of Marinas and replaced them with Ladas and Moskvitches. Makes sense.

Blow are the Moskvitch and the Moskvitch ‘knock off’ (Morris Marina). Main difference? The Moskvitch is still running.  

The original

The original

The knock off with surplus Moskvitch parts (?)


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